On the Initial Appeal of
Federico Mayor Zaragoza

The 21st century is faced with a globalisation process in which the agreements, mergers and joint work amongst international networks carried out by major financial, industrial and service companies influence the rest of the world.This situation gives rise to the need to articulate, on a global basis, another main actor on the world scene, the so-called "civil society", with the object of influencing the main issues on the world agenda. For this reason, as many voices as possible should unite to attain the necessary magnitude to be listened and to promote interaction favouring the presence of the "human sense" in political, social, cultural and economic actions.

The main objective is to unite and federate efforts, to build bridges of dialogue and communication amongst national and international institutions which are focused on promoting peace, endogenous development, dignity and human rights. NGO's, together with academic, artistic, professional and humanitarian institutions, should coordinate to defend these basic principles. This would shape a debate that is favourable to all parties, which, well oriented and united, could play an important role on the worldwide scene.

It is intended as a network of networks, an organisation of organisations, where united yet diverse, these actors can jointly weave structures and forums of opinion aimed at promoting the principles and values which sustain democratic life and therefore attain a real human development on a worldwide scale, in harmony with nature and cultural diversity.

Federico Mayor Zaragoza
Presidente de la Fundación Cultura de Paz
Octubre 2000

The Secretariat was constituted - under the leadership of the president of the initiative, Federico Mayor Zaragoza - within the UNESCO Chair in Technology, Sustainable Development, Imbalances and Global Change at the Technical University of Catalonia. It is directed Manuel Manonelles i Tarragó. Address: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Jordi Girona 29 Ed. Nexus II, 08034 Barcelona, Spain; Tel: 34/ 93 413 77 73; Fax: 34/ 93 413 77 77; E-mail: info@ubuntu.upc.edu).