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UBUNTU Forum in the WOrld Social Forum, Tunis

From 26 to 31 March, a new edition of the World Social Forum was held in Tunisia. The Campus of El-Manar University hosted thousands of activists, academics and representatives of social movements and civil society organizations around the world to discuss alternatives to the current economic and political system. In this edition the slogans were the classic 'another world is possible', with 'dignity'.

During the WSF, the UBUNTU Forum Secretariat participated in various activities, highlighting the Meeting of the International Coalition of the Taxation of Financial Transactions, dinner debate Friedruch-Ebert-Stiftung NY, the International Council of the WSF, presentation and co-organization of the activity 'the world needs tax justice and TTF', drafting and final manifesto commitment to "fiscal Justícia for social justice" and the organization of the activity 'Governance and democracy: linking global and local challenges in an interdependent world' .

Report UBUNTU Forum activities at the WSF 2013

Poster Activity UBUNTU Forum

Pictures of FSM 2013: